- The free market allows owners of small business, family owned business and entrepreneurs to excersize the drive, passion, and ingenuity to create jobs that will grow the economy.

- Health care freedom allows us to purchase our own personal health insurance, including allowing business owners to join together to purchase quality, affordable health insurance for themselves and their employees.

- Freedom for taxpayers is a balanced budget, streamlining government spending with transparency and accountability.
- Educational freedom is local control to allow flexibility for school boards, superintendents, teachers and parents to implement educational programs and systems that fit community values.  Trade schools, community, and four year colleges are all a viable option that allow our students to enter the work force with life skills.

- Freedom for Farmers is prohibiting bureaucrats from regulating the day-to-day life of family farms.  Whether trying to regulate farm dust or stop grandkids from riding tractors or from animal rights groups, government bureaucrats should respect the rights of personal farming.
- Freedom for veterans is honoring our commitment to all military personnel, veterans and their families.

- Voter photo identification protects our freedom by ensuring that every Missourian has equal say in the elections that determine the direction of Missouri.
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